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But an unrepentant Cleese responded: "It's not casual racism, it's considered culturalism.
These offenders have never apologised for what they did, and have been unrepentant throughout this investigation," he added.
She added: "I have formed the clear impression from the nature of his specious arguments that Mr Stannard is wholly unrepentant.
The unrepentant midfielder said afterwards: "They were on the attack and we used all the tricks we could to keep them at bay.
A FATHER in north-western India remained unrepentant after beheading his daughter with a ceremonial sword in a rage over her relationships with men, police said.
I hope customers continue to boycott the branch of the bank where Bale works and the powers that be march this unrepentant woman on return to work to the nearest exit and boot her out on the street along with her P45.
Unrepentant radical educator; the writings of John Gerassi, edited and with interviews by Tony Monchinski.
He added: "We are going to appeal because according to the Government my father is unrepentant about this crime.
Mr Biggs is wholly unrepentant and the Parole Board found his propensity to breach trust a very significant factor.
But it noted he was unrepentant about fleeing prison and going on the run for 35years.
The Parole Board recommended his release saying he posed a "manageable" threat but noted he was unrepentant about fleeing prison and going on the run for 35 years.
Published by an unrepentant old skate codger, this mag is pretty damn great for a first issue, thick with photos and killer writing (including the aforementioned trip to skate the Basque bowl).