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Yes, that Don Cherry, the tough ex-hockey player and coach and controversial take-no-prisoner sports commentator, a fan of rough play and on-ice enforcers who unrepentantly vents against pushy female reporters in male locker rooms and effete European hockey players.
Like a leech it sticks unrepentantly to its victim, with long tentacles and a domineering mouth that never gets full or closes, the only hope is that death alone would do them part.
Growling Motorhead frontman and bassist Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister, from Burlem, who has led the awesome power trio for 37 years, has unrepentantly continued knocking back a bottle of Jack Daniel's every day - although just last week the band has had to issue a statement that he is 'alive and kicking' after he was taken ill on stage.
Thoroughly and unrepentantly optimistic," is how Appraisal Institute President Richard L.
In her Beyond Belief Jenna Miscavige Hill shames parents, who scandalously and unrepentantly abandon their children in an unknown, scary world, in which they would be robbed of their childhood, and their innocence would be contaminated - in the name of the new faith and for the sake of its founder.
Greg Kozera offers an unrepentantly pro-industry evaluation of the process for extracting natural gas called "fracking.
The front remains unrepentantly, if a bit disingenuously, socialist.
Later Black Codes, unable to focus on the condition of servitude that permeated prior ones, were unrepentantly clear in purpose even while granting certain rights.
In one unrepentantly lovely "Untitled" painting of 2007 the color patches trail like wisteria; and we can't like "wysterian" Whistler and pretend we mustn't like it.
2412)--but also in its opposite, his cuckoldry unrepentantly accomplished and successfully concealed.
With the High Holidays fast approaching, an interesting conundrum has emerged in the unrepentantly (or perhaps just largely) secular city of Tel Aviv.
Unrepentantly using methods lifted directly from the dictators' playbook, SCAF presents each of its actions as being in furtherance of the people's wishes, in defense of the people's security and in utter accordance with the objectives of the people's revolution.