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In the poem "I Thought on His Desire for Three Days," the speaker unrepentantly recounts some details of an adulterous affair.
Ridley nevertheless remains rationally and unrepentantly optimistic about mankind's future, which makes his new book a thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable read.
Anne Le Strat, Paris' Deputy Mayor and head of Eau de Paris, unrepentantly aggressive, claims resulting benefits in efficiency and lower prices, appropriating the language previously monopolised by the private entities and their ideologues (Locher & Marx, 2011).
The majority, 54 percent, believe that Camping will unrepentantly claim a calculation error and form a new Doomsday date.
Consequently, it comes as no surprise that myriads of people do love his work unrepentantly.
On the other hand, street against street play meant an increase in hand-slashes and body checks, sometimes "accidentally on purpose," sometimes unrepentantly deliberate.
But the suit claims Benitez "repeatedly and unrepentantly misstated and underreported revenues due to its joint owner, Spirit," and "repeatedly, systematically and intentionally made delinquent and tardy payments" to Spirit.
Importantly, many do so, unrepentantly, as labour historians.
As Jay himself declares, "I remain unrepentantly beholden to the ideal of illumination that suggests an Enlightenment faith in clarifying indistinct ideas" (p.
How do "economically privileged" Christians in the United States speak of Clod's love to and with people whose lives we are unrepentantly destroying?
58) This obsession stemmed from the communists' desire to prove that their anti-communist foes were unrepentantly aligned with rabid fascists and antisemites like Hearst.
America will be safer and her enemies will cower if we unrepentantly begin to exercise the inalienable and God-given right of self-defense that has made us free and kept us free for hundreds of years.