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Now assume a benefactor with 5 potential recipients who are not liable for unrequested benefits.
An unrequested $550 million was added for maritime prepositioning ships (MPS) and MPS responsibility was also transferred from the Navy to the Marines.
Household staff should refuse to admit strangers or unrequested repair workers and should be instructed not to divulge information to anyone about an executive's whereabouts or activities.
I am pleased that Congress removed billions of dollars in unrequested spending.
Almost $9 billion in unrequested money for overseas military and diplomatic operations helps ease shortfalls in the Pentagon and foreign aid budgets.
We also shared a jug of water that had been brought, unrequested, to the table.
Almost all of them closed ranks behind Rangers and came to the unrequested defence of manager Walter Smith.
25 billion in unrequested funds for homeland security, including $225 million for customs and border protection, $100 million for emergency planning grants, $190 million for port security, $325 million for rail and transit security grants, $815 million for airport baggage screening technology, and $110 million for air cargo security.
p TOP 15 worst gifts: Household appliances tin opener Clothes that don't fit Unrequested gym equipment and keep-fit videos Alarm clocks Gift vouchers for high street chemists Holiday mementoes A pair of scissors Socks Multipacks of toiletries CDs of inappropriate music Plastic garden gnomes Ornaments Petrol caps (instead of a car on 18th birthdays) Hair catcher for bath plug hole Set of knives Source: Catalink
But GP Alan Carr, 41, admitted making unrequested visits to the 34-year-old mum's home, sending her two Valentine cards and phoning her.
We are also concerned at the worry that customers, especially the elderly and other potentially vulnerable groups, have experienced as a result of unrequested transfers.