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Eliminating unrequested money in the defense budget is a start, but overall budget cutting is required as well.
And so not only self-defense but the (even unrequested or appointed) defense of others is clearly allowed by libertarianism.
Reporters don't give unrequested information to the cops and say, "Here, check this out.
The Senate has also continuously added unrequested money to the budget for a second engine source, which DoD says is not needed (Shalai-Esa, 2010; Wolf, 2010).
Unrequested, Ali accompanied us to the End of the World, inquiring where we were from and why we were here.
However, if a lawyer seeks to initiate an unrequested contact with a specific person or group as a result of participation in a bulletin board or chat group, then the lawyer would be subject to the requirements of Rule 4-7.
Banks that automatically enroll customers in costly and unrequested services like overdraft are violating the most basic principles of a fair transaction--and soon will also be violating federal law," said DCA Commissioner Jonathan Mintz.
It was the cover topic of E's December 1993 issue, back when mailboxes were cluttered with unrequested catalogs, political flyers, coupon books, product samples, Publisher's Clearing House notices and the like.
Matthews takes this view of the holding, but cautions that the defendant knew he had no right to possession: "it seems that a defendant who well knew he had no title, is allowed to deduct what he spend unnecessarily, in improving the plaintiff's property;" Paul Matthews, "Freedom, Unrequested Improvements, and Lord Denning" (1981) 40(2) Camb.
An unrequested investigation--especially when investigations usually occur in situations where there is evidence of grievous harm, such as the pedophilia scandal--is an insult and a breach of respect.
The bill will also bar financial institutions from encouraging customers to borrow more than they can afford by sending out unrequested credit card cheques.