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The Absolutist is the tale of unrequited love during the Great War--i.
This could help explain how uprisings spread across the Arab world earlier this year or about unrequited love.
As she utters her last words "Oh my love is unrequited," I think to myself nothing could be further from the truth.
The homage begins with a few lines from the song Waqt ne kiya , from the Guru Dutt film Kagaz Ke Phool , a paean to unrequited love.
Summary: A romantic comedy with a difference - (500) Days of Summer - shows what unrequited love is like from a mans point of view.
In "L'Amour, an afternoon of Love and Heartbreak," the contemporary ballet troupe explores the many sides of romance, requited and unrequited.
The Essex troubadour who bought his way out of the British Army, came to fame in the 1980s with his songs of politics and unrequited love.
The surplus on the current account resulted from the surplus realized on both the services balance and net unrequited transfers, which outpaced the increase in the trade deficit.
Tennant said: "We've had a love story, we've had an unrequited love story, why not have this.
While simultaneously, dealing with his unrequited feelings for a waitress, even though he has a pregnant girlfriend at home.
Tommy's soulful, it's suggested, because he's an artist with many unrequited loves, particularly Jenny (Olivia Wilde), who doesn't question her husband's fate even though he hasn't contacted her in months (he was, in fact, murdered, and she seems to be the only person who hasn't figured this out).
For example, he has found a way to support his love for the arts and his habit for developing artists live/work space which, up until now, has been an unrequited dream, by balancing his losses with successful art projects, such as a 42,000 s/f performing arts center in South Orange, New Jersey.