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Flowing, or congealing, its substance is here repelled, there attracted, unresistingly to its place, and its languid sinuosities follow the clefts of the rock that contains them, in servile deflexion and compulsory cohesion, impotently calculable, and cold.
12) The soul submitting unresistingly to this flow is passively dissolved and expansively diluted and opened to degeneration.
Whenever I enter someone's house, I feel myself irresistibly (perhaps unresistingly would be a more honest way of putting it) drawn to his bookshelves.
Our placid pragmatism seems to make it inevitable that Canada will unresistingly follow the path taken by nineteenth-century England and so end up with a public morality uninfluenced by Christian principles.
It was a face that expected everything in nature to open, unresistingly, to it.
He delivers himself up unresistingly to the animal psyche.
Hilberg also argued that during the Holocaust, Jews marched unresistingly, like sheep to the slaughter, with little or no resistance to prevent their own extermination by the Nazis.
Wit, joy, surprise, and Dadaist insolence yielded thereafter unresistingly to lazy logorrhea, easy egomania.