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If they received a tip on the whereabouts of one of these suspects, the Unresolved Homicide Unit has the ability to tap U.
Earlier speaking at the General Assembly, the UK envoy to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant, said that some long- running situations, including in the Middle East and Western Sahara remain unresolved, as do issues where the council is engaged in recent years, including Nepal.
We may not have made the desired progress yet, but we can sincerely say that our governments and peoples share the same approach in overcoming unresolved issues," said Bagis.
Referring to the unresolved cases, Charn said: "The aim of the new government is to normalize diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia by resolving the Blue Diamond theft case, the murder of three Saudi diplomats in 1989 and the case of the disappearance of a Saudi businessman in 1990.
Verdict: Unresolved in 2007, very much resolved in 2008.
Only 38, or less than 2 percent, were unresolved firsthand reports that were deemed credible for further investigation.
It may be a bit too long for some; and there are unresolved issues that make the story unsettling.
Tax professionals are invited to bring unresolved cases or questions to IRS representatives for on-site resolution.
In this overview of modern evolutionary theory, the authors investigate some of the current unresolved debates about speciation and extinction.
The court also found unresolved fact issues as to the officials' culpable state of mind, where the detainee had complained of stomach pain within an hour of his arrest, and officials were aware that the detainee was subsequently experiencing sharp abdominal pain and vomiting.
Establish a procedure to identify and resolve MOSA implementation issues and report the unresolved issues to Milestone Decision Authority.
There were major unresolved issues, most importantly, Egypt's insistence on Israel at least taking steps toward ending the occupation of the Palestinian areas of the West Bank and Gaza at the same time peace was achieved between Egypt and Israel.