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For Enitan, juju music is only suitable for the likes of Akanni, Sheri's gardener, since her refined class mores discriminate at the levels both of social hierarchy and of cultural taste, categorically deprecating his worker status by associating it with the sensual, unbridled embodiment of the unrespectable form of "dark" juju street music.
9) Conforming to the norms of respectability requires that the messiness of life take place elsewhere, in places designated for unrespectable occupations, and these places range from particular rooms in the home (bathrooms, bedrooms) to quasi-private sites designated for debauchery--the brothel, the speakeasy, etc.
Colonialism simultaneously entices and induces blacks to obey the law by representing such obedience as a virtue of the civilized, and hence by defining blacks who spurn the law as unrespectable and uncivilised; with the qualification, however, that "if I was law-abiding and accepted the denials of this discriminatory civilization, that if I conducted myself--even though I was subhuman--like a civilized man, I might, God willing, be accepted and welcomed into the exclusive club in about 2000 years" (1986 [1963]: 178).
When the clerk tells Stainton that the house is haunted by a young child, and Stainton takes the story as a joke, the clerk again displays contempt for him and sees his response as governed by Stainton's unrespectable background away from England.
That requires neither that you respect a value that you find unacceptable, nor that you respect the person you (might) find unrespectable.
We're going to have to change our attitude so that for the next generation burning coal is going to be seen as behavior that's every bit as unrespectable as lighting up a cigar in a public place," said Jamieson, who holds this year's Wayne Morse Chair.
By being evasive and repressive to any sort of criticism and silencing anyone and everyone who criticizes Israeli policies with counter attacks of disparage and malicious lies, Israel tends to elevate itself to the position of a Sacred Cow and in doing so it not only strengthens the public opinion against it but in fact detracts from the very real threats that Anti-Semitism does pose and if this trend continues, the word Anti-Semitism will begin to look more unrespectable.
In the GCC, cultural perceptions of respectable, as opposed to unrespectable professions continue to dominate the local workforce.
Some people will think I'm being very provocative or unrespectable, but the question is, how do I see myself?
In 1964, he embraced the very unrespectable Goldwater candidacy.
So averse to the unrespectable behavior and pretentious affectations reputedly rampant on such trips, school officials included "pleasure excursions" on its list of banned activities.
But by virtually criminalizing nightlife, Prohibition upended the old boundaries between respectable and unrespectable venues and forced middle-class New Yorkers to depend on mostly immigrant Italian and Jewish criminal entrepreneurs to supply their entertainment.