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Despite the unrespectable way Israeli forces left south Lebanon a year-and-a-quarter ago, the border has been completely quiet (I am aware, of course, of the exception of the Shaba Farms, but it has its own characteristics and background I will not go into here).
French-speaking Canadian scholars, however, increasingly felt that a continued use of the term "folklore" cast an unrespectable shadow on what they did.
One is sexuality that is unrespectable in class terms -- heterosociability in the public arena without adult supervision, especially if it leads to premarital intercourse.
If you consult American history, in fact, you find an interesting pattern: Today's abuses are not wholly new, but they were formerly considered to be more on the unrespectable fringe of the profession.
Nevertheless, in the face of such opposition, the Worcestershire side posted a none too unrespectable 165.
At that time in his academic studies, dream research was considered "academically unrespectable.
Thus, the picture built up by Milic, Potter, and others suggests that non-CARL critics belong to unrespectable, even seamy, strata of society.
He saw, for instance as against Macaulay, that the unrespectable Boswell had genius; that Oliver Cromwell was a truly great man, hitherto downgraded for the regicide he was.
There are many "needs" too unfocused, too weak, too unrespectable, too defiant, too secret, too subversive, too weak, too "nothing" to be part of the constellations of Bigness.
I was embarrassed to be reading something as unrespectable as the Bible and I was terrified that if any of my friends knew, they would laugh at me.
Thomas Erskine and Radical Politics in the 1790s," in Unrespectable Radicals?