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She thought of the struggles and the weariness that might lie before them in the rest of their life's journey, when she would be away from them, and know nothing of what was befalling them; and the pressure of this thought soon became too strong for her to enjoy the unresponding stillness of the moonlit fields.
Very pale, and with her large eyes fixed not so much upon Mary as upon vistas of unresponding blankness, Katharine addressed herself also not so much to Mary as to the unrelenting spirit which now appeared to mock her from every quarter of her survey.
These unresponding dogs responded well to verapamil as reported earlier (Varshney et al.
He is haunted by images of devastation and apocalypse, by "the ultimate worthless rock freezing slowly in the last red and heatless sunset," in the words of the old general at the end of his long plea to his unresponding son (994).
In his meeting with Putin, Bush seemed almost obsequious, repeatedly referring chummily to an unresponding, scowling Putin (it's an expression that settles naturally on his face) as "my friend Vladimir.
Part of this unresponding pool could include organizations that have bad governance.
Bronte writes, "The spirit of romance would have indicated another course [in Villette], far more flowery and inviting; it would have fashioned a paramount hero, kept faithfully with him, and made him supremely worshipful; he should have an idol, and not a mute, unresponding idol either; but this would have been unlike real life--inconsistent with truth--at variance with probability.