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The atmosphere of the many loves that had sanctified the little house was all about her; the companionship of two healthy, happy, young folks of her own generation encircled her; she felt and yielded to the magic of her surroundings--Miss Cornelia and Captain Jim would scarcely have recognized her; Anne found it hard to believe that this was the cold, unresponsive woman she had met on the shore--this animated girl who talked and listened with the eagerness of a starved soul.
And while he is not unresponsive to the majestic greatness of Nature in her vast forms and vistas, he is never impelled, like Byron, to claim with them the kinship of a haughty elemental spirit.
He was becoming confidential now, but I fancy my unresponsive attitude must have exasperated him at last, for he judged it necessary to inform me he feared neither God nor devil, let alone any mere man.
Hold up, will you,' said Mr Tappertit, in a very unresponsive tone, 'I'll let you fall if you don't.
My dear fellow," he cried, wringing Holmes' unresponsive hand, "congratulate me
Now I met her appealing gaze with an unresponsive eye.
George Charnock was found unresponsive by grandmother Eileen Charnock after falling asleep on the sofa as she winded him on her chest.
Paramedics were called to HMP Liverpool after Carl Jacques, from Doncaster, was found unresponsive in his cell by prison staff on Sunday morning.
Christopher Moody was found unresponsive in a chair in the heart unit of Billingham Grange Independent Hospital on March 4.
THE MORALE of New Zealand nurses--particularly those working in aged care and district health boards--continues to fall, affected by heavy workloads, restructuring and unresponsive leadership, NZNO's latest research reveals.
A Prison Service spokesman said: "HMP Northumberland prisoner Michael Mazzetti was found unresponsive in his cell at 7.
There are no approved therapies available for S patients unresponsive to initial immunosuppressive therapy (IST).