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There is no mistaking that sensation, so dismal, so tormenting and so subtle, so full of unhappiness and unrest.
And suddenly I rejoiced in the great se- curity of the sea as compared with the unrest of the land, in my choice of that untempted life presenting no dis- quieting problems, invested with an elementary moral beauty by the absolute straightforwardness of its appeal and by the singleness of its purpose.
Shonts," said Sophie, feeling his unrest as he drank the loathed British tea.
It was the strangest of all things that now when, by his taking ten steps and applying his hand to a latch, or even his shoulder and his knee, if necessary, to a panel, all the hunger of his prime need might have been met, his high curiosity crowned, his unrest assuaged - it was amazing, but it was also exquisite and rare, that insistence should have, at a touch, quite dropped from him.
However, all the mutations so increasingly discernible in village life did not originate entirely in the agricultural unrest.
By the time dinner was over a spirit of unrest was abroad.
I suppose that few who have not been in such a condition can quite understand what I mean or what painful unrest arose from this source.
And even if he found nothing he would allay the unrest which gnawed at his heart.
Cassandra was driven finally, by her own unrest, to put on her clothes and wander out along the streets of Chelsea, on the pretence that she must buy something.
In his hands sin suffered no dramatic punishment; it did not always show itself as unhappiness, in the personal sense, but it was always unrest, and without the hope of peace.
The concentrated gaze of a hidden observer provokes a warning sensation of nervous unrest in such as these, but though twenty pairs of savage eyes were gazing fixedly at Lieutenant Harold Percy Smith-Oldwick, the fact aroused no responsive sensation of impending danger in his placid breast.
Had the influence of the strange captive woman aught to do with this unrest and dissatisfaction?