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SOMETHING horrific happened here this morning; something so in defiance of the natural order and so graphically horrendous, that it will wake me in the small hours, be jewelled in cold sweat, and screaming unrestrainedly.
This was a difficult phase as "Only a small minority of Malays in Sarawak's population were unrestrainedly pro-Malaysia" whereas "the great mass of non-Muslim native peoples" were "unhappy at the prospect of Malay dominance in Sarawak" as were "the Chinese population" which "as a whole was torn in its loyalties.
Unbeknownst to the bleacherites, the players had been razzing one another unremittingly, with the Cubs of course "on" Ruth particularly, and he on them equally unrestrainedly.
Rather than subject his narration to the artificial rules of English grammar manuals, with periods to indicate complete sentences and quotation marks to tell us that someone is speaking, Saramago lets language flow naturally, unrestrainedly.
In her general introduction (a biographical register, chronology of James's life and work and briefer introductions to each discrete section are also provided) Gunter argues for the interest of James's letters by claiming that, as correspondent, he wrote most freely and unrestrainedly, and that in addressing women in particular he could 'experiment with intimacy in a culturally sanctioned fashion'.
When you speak unrestrainedly [about] them, my brother, during your teaching session (majlisu-ku), (20) speaking of them generally, without specification, [the lower-soul] will concede to you that this is the truth.
The word abandoned usually means one of two things: "forsaken" or "left behind" ("We drove that car as far as we could / Abandoned it out West" from "Tangled up in Blue") or "self-given up" to some influence or pursuit so that you are unrestrainedly, even shamelessly, devoted to it.
For instance, Schoenfeld concurred that the evidence "clearly refutes the accusation that the Swiss bankers engaged in widespread and systematic larceny," and that "some inside and outside the organized Jewish community have unrestrainedly availed themselves of any method, however unseemly or even disreputable, to go after every last franc, lira, guilder and mark, owed and not owed.
The well-worn cliche of the women's movement - the personal is political-becomes more than an assertion of female rights when in Vibration Cooking the forthright Smart-Grosvenor unrestrainedly asserts that for too long Caucasians have been dictating who's in charge of the American kitchen: "White folks act like they invented food and like there is some weird mystique surrounding it - something that only Julia [Child] and Jim [James Beard] can get to.
E]mployers compiled psychological profiles, employment histories, and other files of personal data quite unrestrainedly.
Miss Milner responds unrestrainedly to the impulses of her own sensibility and expresses her admiration of Dorriforth's beauty-itself a product of his sensibility.
Obviously we are paying too much in taxes and allowing others on the public dole to luxuriate unrestrainedly.