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SEM: Standard deviation, PGE: Punica granatum peel extract, OMZ: Omeprazole, SCF: Sucralfate, CMC: Carboxymethyl cellulose, URS: Unrestraint stress, UI: Ulcer index, CRS: Cold-restraint stress, MPO: Myeloperoxidase, GU: Gastric ulcer Table 2: Effects of PGE, OMZ, SCF, and PTX on UI and gastric mucosal protein, VEGF, TNF-[alpha], and IL-1[beta] in rat EtOH-induced GU Parameters UI Protein (mg/kg, odX7 days) (mg/g tissue) CMC 0.
When attending the party Howard throws for the Seder, the feast commemorating the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, celebrated on the first two nights of Passover, both Duncan and Isaac feel uncomfortable with the unrestraint merrymaking and even debauchery at the party.
To be a novelist is to be the opposite--to seize unrestraint and freedom, even demonic freedom, imagination with its reins cut loose.
There is nothing more violently opposed to our moral sense, in all the contradictions to custom which they present us, than the utter unrestraint in which heroines of this order are allowed to expiate and develop their impulsive, stormy, passionate characters.
We are free to the extent that we live under the idea of unrestraint, yet we remain unfree insofar as we are uncertain whether we can write the scripts for ultimately fulfilling lives.
In this experiment memory was assessed by novel object recognition task in water treated and lithium treated unrestraint and restraint rats.
Her unrestraint morals set her apart from her predecessors and, at the same time, contributed to the representation of a world totally different from that of either Boccaccio or Machiavelli.
Dashwood had truly taken Elinor as her "counsellor," exerting herself and cautioning Marianne in prudence rather than imaginative unrestraint with respect to Willoughby.
But one of those conventions was romantic passion, and after escaping the sterility of academia to New Orleans, a city seeped in unrestraint, I realized that perhaps this was one construct I wasn't willing to sacrifice at the intellectual altar, and this realization threw me into one of the most numbing depressions of my life.
Mark Edele and Michael Geyer contribute a survey ("States of Exception") on the escalating violence and barbarization of warfare on the Germans' Eastern front, arguing that each side learned from the other: "Seen as a totality, the war in the 'East' started with rapid-fire escalation of unrestraint on the German side (in which practice surpassed ideology) and was countered by a distinct radicalization and barbarization in the context of defense measures by the Soviets, which in turn triggered a radicalization and barbarization on the side of the aggressor" (350, emphasis added).
Art, writes Dietzsch, requires exagerration, excess, unrestraint, and masks, and not simply an imitation of reality (Dietzsch 2000: 76).