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The 3GB package offers customers with unrestricted call facility to 52 destinations for EUR 19.
000 in 2010-11 then become unrestricted free agent.
While unrestricted donations have suffered since September 11, relief donations designated for Afghanistan and Pakistan have jumped considerably.
If the institution established the loan fund with a transfer of institutional funds, then its equity would be included with the other unrestricted net assets.
In developing its new end-cap assembly, EMI modified its 100% Free Flow sliding check-ring valve, which is said to give the resin a completely unrestricted flow path.
Second, the unrestricted funds also surpassed the restricted funds over sustained periods of time.
LeClerc signs with Ducks: The Ducks re-signed Mike Leclerc to a one-year deal that allows the forward to become an unrestricted free agent next summer, the team announced Thursday.
During those years, N had an unrestricted right to the product sales proceeds.
If the organization receives an endowment not explicitly restricted by the donor, that donation must be reported as unrestricted revenue.
For a national organization the size and scope of the American Camping Association, it is absolutely essential to build unrestricted endowment to help accomplish ACA/ACF goals.