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if the parties, targets of the "laws" passed, fail to object thereto, the doctrine of silent acquiescence kicks in, and they have agreed to the compelled performance of the law, which is actually an unrevealed contract offered by the government so as to avoid the 13th prohibition.
He does, however, keep the pace moving briskly, and his low-key approach allows for the novel's multiple secrets to be kept unrevealed until the last possible moment.
Lowry's investigation uses some 75,000 Federal court-martial records recently uncovered in Nation Archives files and largely unrevealed since the Civil War to provide a striking historical survey of the events and lives of these women, making this a major pick not only for military collections strong in Civil War history, but for general holdings strong on women's history.
Instead, ThermoEnergy used the money to pursue a merger or acquisition of a Massachusetts company called Castion, to pay "[CEO Dennis] Cossey and [CFO Andrew] Melton salaries and cash bonuses noticeably in excess of projected amounts and for numerous other wasteful and unrevealed purposes," according to the lawsuit.
Instead physicians present what clinical care they can offer that has a reasonable chance of achieving unrevealed goals and results.
Sometimes unrevealed conflicts are not even financial but rather political and personal.
The outcome will be left unrevealed, but since the film is called ``Frankie and Johnny Are Married,'' and since it's based on an actual production staged in L.
Still, the Kia Cerato will be a well-equipped, petrol or diesel-powered bread-and-butter car when it goes on sale later this year at prices as yet unrevealed.
Using coded language, Rowling has been able to put into written form the unrevealed and unspoken fears of the abortion survivor.
Masterminding this concert which promises to feature 'the hitherto unrevealed talents of the staff of the Conservatoire Concert Office and friends' is Conservatoire concert manager Stephanie Donaldson, Martyn's sister and publicity officer of the Dudley International Piano Competition.
Since the publication of this book, agreement has nonetheless been reached on this option, presumably including such unrevealed public subsidies by the U.