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I mean no offense to these ladies because at least they're engaged in the process, but their last debate was dull and unrevealing, sort of like discussing union contracts with the city manager.
The middle and upper classes packed their unwanted women off to nunneries, walled areas of sexual abstinence, servitude, drudgery and modest, unrevealing clothing.
While the Corrie actress chose an admirably unrevealing black dress for the event at Chester racecourse, she was more than happy to show off her vocal talents.
Unfortunately, the title and the general tone of the introduction create an initial impression that Descent Into Chaos is a typical and unrevealing assault against the Bush administration.
Municipal budgeting tends to be incredibly detailed but very unrevealing.
Worldwide, more than $40 billion is spent each year trying to track down cancer metastases, usually with studies that are unrevealing," Barentsz says.
We are still only at the beginning to unrevealing the interaction of oxidants and antioxidants.
I used to send my patients to the rheumatologist for an extensive work-up, but I don't do this anymore because these work-ups have been unrevealing.
The end of the novel, in true gothic tradition, concerns itself with unrevealing hidden identities and narrative twists with a plot line that signifies on that of the film Single White Female (1992), which is based on John Lutz's novel, significantly titled SWF Seeks Same.
Strictly as a piece of fiction, [The Shadow Catcher is] highly unsatisfactory by design, a glimpse of the limits of imagination when faced with a stubbornly unrevealing subject.
Because physical examination and chest radiographs were unrevealing (Herbert et al.
93) For example, while the use of economic analysis in the legal order has been an important element of regulatory analysis since the 1970s, economic analysis can be unrevealing, if not anemic, with regard to norms of the social or moral order.