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In respect of each Series of Notes, subject to the fulfilment of the Settlement Conditions, Noteholders who (i) submit or deliver, or arrange to have submitted or delivered on their behalf, valid and unrevoked Voting Instructions in favour of the relevant Extraordinary Resolution to the Tabulation Agent, after the Earlybird Consent Expiration Date but on or prior to the Consent Deadline, or (ii) attend and vote in favour of the relevant Extraordinary Resolution at the relevant Meeting or, if applicable, any adjourned Meeting, in respect of a Series of Notes shall be eligible to receive the Final Consent Fee.
The covenant in itself, despite its unrevoked status, has none (for Christ remains the Redeemer of all).
The airline said that it terminated its offer for the notes according to the conditions of the offer which, among other things, provided that Avianca shall not be required to accept for payment or pay for any tendered notes and may terminate the offer if, on or prior to the expiration date on 2 March, there shall not have been received valid and unrevoked consents to the Proposed Indenture Amendments by holders of at least a majority of the outstanding Fixed Principal Amount of the notes.
No unrevoked proxy shall be valid after eleven (11) months from the date of its execution, unless otherwise provided in the proxy.
In other words, the unrevoked prior will(s) remain valid to the extent not inconsistent with a later will.
To qualify, you must have an unrevoked CPA license, although you do not need to have an active CPA license.
The Dupage County Bar Association explained, that before the amendment, "the Act did not apply if the patient had an operative or unrevoked living will or an agent under a power of attorney for health care" (O'Neill & Erbes, 1998).
While part of the pleasure of the narrative consists in keeping a wary eye on the analyses the narrator recommends as most suitable to a description of his motivations, too much praise of irony and eloquence leaves open a loophole for an unreliable narrator (and slippery lawyer) to absolve moral turpitude premised on an unrevoked nihilism.
Applicants must be AICPA members in good standing and hold a valid, unrevoked state CPA license.
Not only did the man who killed our son receive a minimal sentence, somehow his license remained unrevoked, and he even collected $17,000 after the county jail miscalculated his release date.
Of late Heidegger has become more and more widely recognised as one of the most important and powerful philosophers of the last century, and at the same time there has been salutary recognition of his unrevoked commitment to Nazism.
Anyone sitting for the PFS exam must, at the time of the exam, hold a valid and unrevoked CPA certificate issued by a legally constituted state authority, be a member in good standing of the AICPA and agree to comply with all the requirements for reaccreditation (including CPE).