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But there is altogether too much unrigorous mind-reading.
Moreover, if our scholarly writing is to be seen as primarily a rhetorical performance, it is not a frivolous or an unrigorous one--and only in the strictest sense should we say it is designed to matter only to disciplinary insiders.
As Said (1994) notes, most societies have unrigorous views of "Others" and participate in what amounts to processes of distinction; the difference is in who has the power to make their views impactful.
And then there is William Swinton's Rambles Among Words (1859), a book of spirited and unrigorous etymology, much of it ghostwritten by Whitman, as C.
Some passages have a decidedly unscientific or unrigorous air: the equivocalness of her Havana tour guide about the merits of tourism becomes redolent of a "deeper [governmental] ambivalence"; even in the book's more assured third section, Babb's analysis of the experience of two jineteras depends on frustratingly limited observation ("although I never observed [Ana] go off with anyone, if only because I did not stay out as late as she did.
According to Lemann (2011: 76): 'Edward Glaeser considers Richard Florida's celebration of cities sentimental and unrigorous compared with his own celebration of cities'.
the study the unrigorous speculations turn out to be enhanced by some of
Amid frequent warnings of the risks and temptations to which unrigorous thinking exposes us, Althusser writes a pathosladen and violent tale of adventure and suspense, where two kinds of philosophy are pitted against each other: the villain is ideology, bourgeois and Marxist alike (e.
I do know that it is presumptuous and unrigorous to chalk this one up to Israel because of a past "pattern," and I certainly know that it is getting one's values mixed upor, more troublingly, not getting one's values mixed upto afix blame exclusively on Israel, its American patron, and the nameless indirect Jew-killers who "intimidate" both.
While all of this may seem unrigorous as historiography, Godard points to the complexity of the way history becomes a series of layerings, overlappings, and superimpositions.
Although some unrigorous thinkers asserted that the proposal had died, and could not be ratified, the correct answer is that the amendment proposal remained legally operative as a proposal, eligible for ratification, because it had never been repealed by the authority with the power to enact it.
10) Jeremy Bentham derided this sort of eclecticism as unrigorous and potentially contradictory.