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The tether is wound around the ballast like a yo-yo, which enables the device to unroll once the springs have pushed it away.
The component in question is an injection moulded elastomeric diaphragm that constantly rolls and unrolls over the drive shaft of a mixer in a single-use pharmaceutical mixing system.
Your fly will enter the water just as the line unrolls and straightens, rather than blowing off course, or back at you, which piles up or tangles the leader.
Intended for use with a table-mounted projector, the smaller 40-inch screen unroLLs horizontaLLy and stands on a table.
The flexible, heat-reflective barrier material withstands up to 1700 F and unrolls in response to an emergency stop, power outage, mechanical or electrical failure, or other condition that causes excessive sheet sag.
color) Mike Atkin unrolls a 400- to 500-year-old Torah at the Temple Beth Ami in Newhall.
Readers will enjoy the plot that unrolls like an I Love Lucy episode, in which Lucas' efforts to do right are met with almost slapstick results.