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If you work in teaching or training, even the unruliest of groups can be captivated by your message.
The people most in need of a winner were the entire press corps of Great Britain and Ireland, who chattered and clamoured like the world's unruliest chimps' tea party until Fallon agreed to come out and talk to them, then moped all afternoon as it became clear they were going to have to go to Kempton for the night.
Cubes of lamb had a pleasant crunchy texture but the meat's sweet flavour had been battered into submission by over-use of that unruliest of spices, cumin.
The bubbly TV presenter, who is 14 weeks pregnant, is well prepared to cope with motherhood after taking charge of Ireland's unruliest duo Podge and Rodge.
But children in Britain now count as some of the unruliest, poorest, most uneducated and depressed in the whole of the so-called developed world.
The behaviour in the House of Commons is worse than anything that would be tolerated in the unruliest classroom.