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The sense of untapped resources, things to say as yet unsaid, made the hour significant, so that in future years the entire journey perhaps would be represented by this one scene, with the sound of sirens hooting in the river the night before, somehow mixing in.
She smiled and thanked him, but the thing had been said and could never be unsaid, and Bertha Kircher knew even more surely than as though he had fallen upon his knees and protested undying devotion that the young English officer loved her.
I did not altogether understand, for instance, how much I might say and how much I ought to leave unsaid.
We are both getting hot--we may end in saying what had better have been left unsaid.
I defended my errors; and in my appeal to the purity of innocence, I left nothing unsaid that could touch a noble and generous nature.
Besides, there is always the certainty that either you or the dropper-in will say something that would have been better left unsaid, and I have a holy horror of gossip and mischief-making.
From what you leave unsaid, I gather that things are more serious than the papers would have us believe.
You leave me under the weight of an accusation which, after all, is unsaid.
I thank you as much for what you have left unsaid as for what you have said.
I may leave the miserable story of Rosanna Spearman--to which, even at this distance of time, I cannot revert without a pang of distress-- to suggest for itself all that is here purposely left unsaid.
This time, at least, I will leave nothing unsaid,' he went on, folding his hands before him, clearly to prevent his being betrayed into any impetuous gesture; 'this last time at least I will not be tortured with after-thoughts of a lost opportunity.
I'll say that,' said the dwarf, seizing her by the arm, 'and do that too, which undone and unsaid would be best for you, unless you go directly.