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As the overall success rates of ART are still unsatisfactorily low, possible weak points in the IVF process should be eliminated.
Such is the compressed nature of the tournament that England find themselves firmly in do-or-die territory having played just one match - a controversial defeat to New Zealand that was settled somewhat unsatisfactorily on Duckworth/Lewis.
These comprise standard funerary rituals for the "good" dead (with highly specific variants for dead monks, for instance) and special rituals for the "bad" dead (a particularly rich theme in Asian cultures, as we know from the studies edited by Baptandier), but also annual communal rituals or festivals that aim at addressing still unresolved (or unsatisfactorily resolved) death matters-- potentially dangerous wandering ghosts who have not received funerary rites, or who have not found the passage to rebirth or to the afterworld, as well as the suffering denizens of hell.
That might be just as well as it is entirely possible the host nation could fail to escape from a "group of death" which, unsatisfactorily, includes the world's third, fourth and fifth-ranked teams.
With the ICC it has made it impossible - if ever it was likely - to detain members of the US armed forces for war crimes, even though American courts have acted unsatisfactorily by ICC standards.
Output growth has resumed in the United States, but unemployment remains unsatisfactorily high.
For unsatisfactorily explained reasons, the Tadawul s share values for KHC were not accepted by Forbes in 2013, apparently based on rumors from unidentified sources that stock manipulation is a national sport in Saudi Arabia.
In the event that any inquiry is concluded unsatisfactorily, NAB can, and will, institute its own inquiry/investigation," added the statement.
With none of these goals fully achieved, America's intervention -- like every other intervention in Afghanistan's history -- is ending unsatisfactorily.
However, the Olympic circus may come to the Bosporus in 2020 but if Turkey performs as unsatisfactorily sportively then as it did in the last three weeks, the benefits for the guest country will be limited.
Racial abuse between players on the field of play has been an unspoken taboo for too long, an area that has been unsatisfactorily dealt with by English football despite many cases over the past 10 years.
Therefore, the statistical inference of NI was unsatisfactorily correlated with other facilities.