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While this dystopian premise will probably feel eerily familiar to anyone who has been on a redeye flight across the aisle from a toddler, Marcusknown for books like The Age of Wire and String and Notable American Women that luxuriate in language and defy description except, unsatisfactorily, as "experimental fiction"is up to more than kvetching about the plight of exhausted, ear-strained parents.
Racial abuse between players on the field of play has been an unspoken taboo for too long, an area that has been unsatisfactorily dealt with by English football despite many cases over the past 10 years.
Williams now makes the link between Morris' revolutionary belief in the working class as agent of historical change--applauded in Culture and Society but considered lacking from News from Nowhere--and the text, detecting a complex, compensatory relationship between the text's unsatisfactorily cosy utopianism and its frank recognition that revolution is a process of 'chaos, civil war, painful and slow reconstruction' (p104).
The chapter on Egypt is unsatisfactorily thin, given the importance of the mukhabarat in the now-fallen regime, and the discussion of Saudi Arabia is equally perfunctory.
Sino's founders Matthias Kocke and Ingo Hillen said the firm performed unsatisfactorily in the reporting period.
Most unsatisfactorily, Piaf's long line of manipulatively tawdry, tacky and possessive love affairs with exceedingly young, naive men dependent on her for their livelihoods is silently accepted in No Regrets as a kind of 'droit de diva.
Jakhura said most of Pakistan's trade with European states was being carried out with the European Union (EU), and therefore trade with Norway remained unsatisfactorily low.
The status of such an administrative cleric, whose life and livelihood depended on patronage and was spent largely in service in lay or ecclesiastical courts that increasingly needed masters of the written word, was as yet incompletely and unsatisfactorily defined in comparison with those of monk, bishop, or canon regular.
When the set is adjusted to 'correct' its colour, the resulting picture is usually unsatisfactorily tinted for other viewers.
The Smadoun gelding, who won by 27 lengths on his British debut at Newbury in November, was due to return to that track last month, but was ruled out after scoping unsatisfactorily.
Even as Sonam's new film, the home production Aisha that was based on Emma , fares unsatisfactorily at the box- office, the actress is now all set to do a Hindi rehash of the 2003 Hollywood comedy, Freaky Friday .
He tried another service organization unsatisfactorily before seeking assistance from the DAV.