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Leicester Middle School, which also has a relatively small staff, was near the bottom of the list of area schools with slightly more than 5 percent of its teachers rated unsatisfactory and slightly more than 5 percent rated needs improvement, according to the state figures.
of Patients Seating Arrangement Satisfactory in OPD Unsatisfactory 3 Cleanliness in OPD Satisfactory 95 Unsatisfactory 5 OPD Timing Satisfactory 93 Unsatisfactory 7 Services by the Satisfactory 83 Paramedical Staff Unsatisfactory 17 Finding the Specialist Easy 59 in the Department Difficult 41 in OPD Availability of Doctor Adequate 85 in Hospital Inadequate 15 Table--3: Distribution of Responses from the Respondents Regarding Clinical Care (n = 100) Clinical Care No.
When inspectors conducted a second follow–up in November, they found that the 15 points remained outstanding and issued four unsatisfactory grades.
Just as last year, twelve were rated as acceptable and two as unsatisfactory.
Out of the three Pakistani schools only Pakistan Education Academy moved up from unsatisfactory to acceptable, the other two remain unsatisfactory, the report said.
In Conwy's frank self-assessment, the officer's report states: "Overall, Conwy's performance at Foundation Phase (pupils aged five to seven, previously called Key Stage 1) is adequate and Key Stage 2 is unsatisfactory.
Another survey of ready-to-eat foods sold in city supermarkets found 18 of 242 samples were unsatisfactory.
For our study, we chose to focus on the students in the advanced (highest-scoring) and unsatisfactory (lowest-scoring) groups.
But not everyone feels like that and forcing them to do it because of being graded unsatisfactory by Ofsted inspectors, is likely to be counter productive.
Jameela Al Muhairi, Chief of Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) highlighted issues facing unsatisfactory schools as she said, "Most staff do not have suitable qualification and expertise to provide a good learning experience to these students.
Yet the RCT has shown a significant decrease in unsatisfactory rates for LBC as compared with CP.
KARACHI, September 23, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Supreme Court of Pakistan Thursday setting aside a report by Sindh Irrigation Department regarding devastating floods in Sindh, declared it as unsatisfactory.