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The higher unsaturated fat diet also further decreased blood pressure and triglycerides but did not decrease LDL cholesterol.
Appel and his associates to compare a carbohydrate-rich diet similar to the DASH diet with two investigational modifications: one boosted protein levels, especially plant protein, while reducing carbohydrates, and the other increased unsaturated fat, especially monounsaturated fat, while also reducing carbohydrates.
These are naturally high in unsaturated fats, and one would expect cows' milk to contain more unsaturated than saturated fats.
What to do: Whether or not you take statin drugs, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and replace saturated and trans fats (in meats, dairy, and store-bought or restaurant sweet baked goods and fried foods) with unsaturated fats (in foods like fish, oils, nuts, salad dressing, and avocado).
It is easy to cool sand to 212F (100C) through water vaporization, which occurs instantaneously if unsaturated air is available to remove the steam.
4% of the market share are expected to support the Unsaturated Polyester (UP) industry going forward.
Asia-Pacific is a global leader in the consumption of unsaturated polyester resins and this dominance is expected to continue till 2020.
Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has conducted a competitive analysis on this market and presents its findings in "Opportunities for Unsaturated Polyester Resin in Indian Composites Industry 2013-2018: Trend, Forecast, and Competitive Analysis.
The finding may explain why animal-derived saturated fats like lard and butter are strongly linked to adverse health effects, while unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats from plants and cold-water fish like salmon and mackerel are not.
org, a special issue of Food and Chemical Toxicology, Volume 48, Supplement 3, on the RIFM Human Health Group Summary, A Safety Assessment of Non-cyclic Alcohols with Unsaturated Branched Chain when used as Fragrance Ingredients.
Experimental and applied modeling of unsaturated soils; proceedings.
Supplies Satex brominated flame retardants for epoxies, engineering thermoplastics, high-impact polystyrene and foams, rigid and flexible urethane foam, or unsaturated polyester applications.