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Unlike the stable ether extract across SM, total lipid vibration intensity peak area, CH2 asymmetric stretching, CH2 symmetric stretching, S_CH3:CH2 symmetric stretching ratio and lipid unsaturation group differed across SM.
Addition of SLE and degree of unsaturation were the two major factors responsible for the changes in fatty acid composition.
This unsaturation level can be observed when analyzing the composition of fatty acids in baru oil (Table 1), which is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated components.
Low fatty acid unsaturation protects against lipid peroxidation in liver mitochondria from long-lived species: the pigeon and human case.
The increase in the rate of biosorption within 10-40 min could be due to unsaturation of the active sites of the biomass and at higher time, precipitation of the nickel (II) hydroxide took place thereby reducing the rate of Ni (II) ion uptake (Turp et al.
Moreover, the influence of fatty acid unsaturation on increasing the PM fluidity may override other impacts on the fluidity since an increase in sterol content may not always condense membranes (Chong et al.
Performance of the CSMA/CA mechanism under unsaturation condition is studied in [22] for IEEE 802.
The one more degree of unsaturation of compound 3 was attributed to the new lactone ring between C-27 and C-15, it also indicated by the HSQC correlations from H-15 to C27.
For example, linseed oil possesses a relatively high level of unsaturation with approximately 6.
Chisholm presented results of his work that demonstrate the utility of a carbocationic polymerization system for producing novel biobased polymers that retain the unsaturation derived from the biobased component.
Iodine value was not used as quality control parameter but only to provide information about the degree of unsaturation of oils studied.
However, different esters vary in terms of important fuel properties such as total and free glycerine, cetane number, viscosity, cloud point, pour point, density and degree of unsaturation.