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Marking all this, Stubb argued well for his scheme, and turning to the Guernsey-man had a little chat with him, during which the stranger mate expressed his detestation of his Captain as a conceited ignoramus, who had brought them all into so unsavory and unprofitable a pickle.
Certainly the surroundings would be better than those of my common lodging-house and own particular garret; and the food; and every other condition of life that I could think of on my way back to that unsavory asylum.
It was unsavory but the police have acted swiftly and put it in order.
An unsavory tattoo can lead to an unsavory underworld.
For the past few years, he has been busy peddling his racial and political message to unsavory audiences in Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East.
Norton needs cadavers, and by law these can only be obtained from the public gallows, so he is forced to deal with the unsavory Gin Hester (Amber VanLoon) and her sinister partner, Scrubbs (Brian Watts), two grave robbers and body-snatchers who have little concern about where the corpses might come from.
The Seven Deadly Sins have been used for centuries to dramatically illustrate the unsavory habits that will send you slip-sliding into damnation.
The book offers a time capsule view into the battle tactics of the British Navy and some of the unsavory practices running rampant in the Royal Navy at that time.
Encouraged by these reports, the authors braved backcountry areas populated by deadly snakes, Tasmanian devils, and other unsavory creatures.
Imagine that you discover some unsavory information about your company as you research a reporter's question.
O'Brien, explores unsavory contracts between the government and PR firms and also the debilitating effects of the takeover of most PR firms by ad agencies since the 1980s.
That way, they can nix unsavory flavors before bringing in human tasters.