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Some criminals do come from unsavoury parents but so, too, do some decent kindly individuals.
London: Troubled spinner Monty Panesar "let the England shirt down" with the unsavoury incident that sparked his exit from Sussex, captain Alistair Cook said, but insisted he could revive his Test career.
We face a very large number of FSB agents (Russia's successor organisation to the KGB) coming to London during the Olympics, including some very unsavoury individuals," the Daily Mail quoted him, as saying.
Sheridan was infamously taunted by the Welshman when he said, "You'll be cutting my garden in the summer" in an unsavoury reference to the huge wage gulf that saw him earn 100 times the salary of the Bully Wee's part-timers.
Just when you thought there couldn't be any more of Christina Aguilera you hadn't already seen, here comes a new unsavoury trend - the ultra low-cut trouser.
The letter says the firm "would be grateful, if any unsavoury language is heard from personnel on site, that this is passed on for appropriate action to be taken".
Mr Morgan told AMs, ``I have long given up trying to understand the ways of showbusiness and that includes this somewhat unsavoury publicity exercise.
POLICE are appealing for information following the theft of two BB guns which they fear "could be used for unsavoury purposes".
He understood it was unsavoury but he was happy with way the club and the police have handled it.
THE article about a Poundland store opening in Sutton Coldfield (Mail, August 21) makes the area sound very unsavoury indeed
Even Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds would be better than some of the gloomy and unsavoury films currently showing across the country.