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There, a crowd would be collected to see them enter their carriages, which, amidst much bowing, and begging, and prancing, and lashing, and clattering, they would do; and so they would be driven madly through narrow unsavoury streets, and jerked out at the town gate.
The school at which young Charley Hexam had first learned from a book--the streets being, for pupils of his degree, the great Preparatory Establishment in which very much that is never unlearned is learned without and before book--was a miserable loft in an unsavoury yard.
Neither of them had time to speak, however, before there was a tap at the door, and the spokesman of the street Arabs, young Wiggins, introduced his insignificant and unsavoury person.
Sherlock Holmes had pushed away his untasted breakfast and lit the unsavoury pipe which was the companion of his deepest meditations.
I know one mum who took an overdose after discovering her son had chosen an unsavoury path.
Summary: London: Troubled spinner Monty Panesar "let the England shirt down" with the unsavoury incident that .
Unsavoury I think there was probably a point when the Spurs man realised he had to stop going to ground because so many highprofile people in the media were talking about an unsavoury side to his game.
Summary: Greggs' heroic fight against the unsavoury pasty tax has failed to boost the bakery chain's sales figures.
Fox warned that Britain was powerless to prevent some 'very unsavoury individuals' entering the country under the guise of protecting Russia's athletics team.
The unsavoury incident happened during Clyde's 5-0 Scottish Cup defeat to Celtic in 2005, during the striker's six-month loan spell at Parkhead.
Dr Helen Evans, who met Mr Cameron to discuss policy in his Commons office last month, said "socialised medicine" had a "particularly unsavoury heritage".
Three days later Sommeil became embroiled in what Rovers manager Mark Hughes has described as "an unsavoury incident".