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Predatory publishers engage in unethical and unscholarly practices.
Research studies' results on students' involvement in extracurricular and unscholarly activities (Z.
Activism can be as scholarly or unscholarly as scholarship itself.
Their sacrifice is a beacon of hope to all women struggling to find safe haven in a country ruled by unscholarly tyrants.
This term may appear to be too crude and unscholarly when analyzing the presidency, but its meaning fits the conduct.
This confession also shouldn't be considered evidence that Rickels's book is unscrupulous, unscholarly, or uninformed, because it's none of these things either.
A putatively "big" book may find itself either typecast as anodyne and unscholarly or, conversely, accused of playing fast and loose with specialist knowledge.
While, according to Watson, the significance of Smith's notes is that she "demonstrated her mastery" of "hitherto male-dominated discourses" (51), Wollstonecraft's are seen as "provocatively unscholarly," the first demonstrating anxiety about women's place in public discourse, the second its opposite.
Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated, "One of the great dangers regarding the issue of Mahdaviat is unscholarly, ignorant and undocumented activities based on fantasies and illusions, which will prepare the way for false claimants and will cause people to drift away from the genuine essence of waiting.
As regards materialistic atomism, it is one of the best-refuted theories that have ever been advanced, and in Europe there is now perhaps no one in the learned world so unscholarly as to attach serious signification to it, except for convenient everyday use (as an abbreviation of the means of expression)--thanks chiefly to the Pole Boscovich: he and the Pole Copernicus have hitherto been the greatest and most successful opponents of ocular evidence.
Perhaps most serious literary critics cannot stomach the thought of a drama staged on so quotidian and unscholarly a space as a baseball diamond.
According to Kotter, faculty "may feel ashamed to ask a librarian for help because it might be viewed by their colleagues, and the librarian, as unscholarly.