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Therefore, it is necessary to seriously avoid all unscholarly activities and rumors.
I certainly agree with Brown that my response was unscholarly and illogical--it was an emotional outburst prompted by what seemed to me to be an arrogant dismissal of any approach rather than his own to commenting on ceramics.
While one must point out that the tone of Armah's response speaks of over reaction, at the same time it is odd and unscholarly for a critic to rely on the type of dedication found in Fragments to prove influence or indebtedness.
Potential readers need to understand the consequences of the author's unscholarly approach to evidence.
One of the painted wooden covers contains a couple of Buddhist mantras in Ranjana script "written in an unscholarly manner" (p.
I would deny, however, that this indicates excessively biased, unscholarly work worthy of dismissal.
Andrew Saint starts from the conviction that this habit of the single attribution is lazy and unscholarly, and indicates how out of touch with the realities of the building process are most people who write about architecture.
And as for the artists themselves, works-in-progress are indeed messy, amorphous, unscholarly, ungrounded in references and often lacking a sense of literary history.
Doyle came to view his detective fiction as unscholarly and beneath the work he wanted to do in the historical novel.
Critics commonly attacked his essays as unscholarly, and Cook argues persuasively that Kazin was gifted at literary criticism not "in the required scholarly manner of academia but in a broad intellectual assessment.
A reader, not a scholar himself, FitzGerald aimed to please an interested but unscholarly reader.
All three systems have limitations (and so do all the citation-enhanced indexing and abstracting databases (Jacso, 2004b), but the deficiencies in Google Scholar are so voluminous, unscholarly, and often so hidden that its hit counts and citation counts should not be accepted even as a starting point for evaluating the research output of real scholars.