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Though Saeed was himself unschooled, he is today a member of the board of directors of Thalassaemia International Federation and the Emirates Thalassaemia Society, where he advocates for his fellow patients.
As compared to what--the unschooled homeschooled children?
According to Jenny, more than 500 largely unschooled healers are active in the French-speaking part of Switzerland alone, which counts just about a quarter of the country's eight million people.
RICH MAN POOR MAN tired lazy lavish extravagant eccentric crazy self-educated unschooled chic garish blunt crude democratic plebeian candid vulgar
THE former Liberty X star's husband is a personal trainer, unschooled in the ways of the famous.
When the Jewish boy rushed home to tell his immigrant grandfather that the Yankees had won the ball game, his zayde, unschooled in American ways, asked, "Is it good for the Jews?
These artists are mostly unsung and unschooled, but their message rings louder than any headline: we are here, and we want a hand in designing our future.
She started out as part of this YouTube generation, she made some films, she did this with her own money, she was unschooled as a filmmaker.
Additional speakers include Patrick Henry, a professional speaker and songwriter; Darcy Dean, who founded Stanford University's Model United Nations club; poet and musician Omekongo Dibinga; homeschooler and environmentalist, Rhiannon Harvey; unschooled Luke Iha; Mark Moore, who has been designing advanced aircraft concepts at NASA for over 27 years; Simon Nance, training manager for STIHL Inc.
Until one simple, unschooled child broke the spell by crying out the simple, unadorned truth: The emperor was wearing no clothes at all.
But the program interests remained concerned with the access we enjoyed and with what they saw as insufficiently rigorous assessments conducted by evaluators unschooled in their programs' intricacies.
Also, around this time I bid on and won a Seattle Art Museum membership at my daughter's preschool auction, so I was looking at more art than usual--Warhol, Wyeth, their one Pollock treasure, Guo-Qiang's Inopportune--and grappling with issues like accessibility--how much an artist should care about her audience--and also about, well, as the title says, the whole argument about the untrained, unschooled museum visitor expecting to fully understand every work of art he comes across, an absurd notion, really--akin to walking into a marine research lab and expecting to understand the jokes about sea urchin zygotes.