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And therefore, I believe that there should definitely be some action taken against those who are promoting this nonsense because it is damaging, it is propagating completely unscientific drivel," she added.
Based on unscientific approach, the demands made by local NGOs should not be taken into account for considering such a serious decision affecting our country's agriculture and food security.
Quick-fix, emotional, prejudiced and unscientific solutions are hardly going to help.
As presented by the author, Robert Nadeau, the "theory [neoclassical economics] is based on unscientific assumptions that are hindering the implementation of viable economic solutions for global warming and other menacing environmental problems.
The American Academy of Pediatrics' stand on adolescent sexuality is unscientific and impractical ("Policy on Adolescent Contraception Updated," Feb.
I believe this is possibly the shabbiest episode in ME history, immoral and unscientific.
Theorists offer meta-theoretical positions on the study of religion: the hermeneutic emphasis on personal interpretation, explanatory exclusivists who discount subjective interpretation as unscientific, and interactionists who welcome both other approaches.
Spokesman Nigel Humphries said: "We cannot base road safety on potentially loaded, unscientific surveys.
It may have been unscientific, but our city centre survey asking people if they could name the leader of Birmingham City Council says everything about the low profile of local politics in this country.
The winner of our admittedly unscientific poll was "Babel," which took four of the 10 votes.
Your otherwise admirable campaign against the iniquitous and unscientific Nutrient Profiling Model should be based on the former and not the latter.
Bishop Dunn said: "I have done a very unscientific trawl through the parishes and it has revealed significant pockets of Polish workers appearing at different parts of the diocese.