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Quick-fix, emotional, prejudiced and unscientific solutions are hardly going to help.
Nadeau outlines the many reasons that the formulas do not work because of the unscientific assumptions that they are based on (for example, the idea of a perfect market within a closed system, no limits to growth), but even before that he states the formulas used were based on scientific formulas that in themselves failed to explain the concepts under examination (electromagnetism and thermodynamics).
Your otherwise admirable campaign against the iniquitous and unscientific Nutrient Profiling Model should be based on the former and not the latter.
Bishop Dunn said: "I have done a very unscientific trawl through the parishes and it has revealed significant pockets of Polish workers appearing at different parts of the diocese.
Of Pandas and People advanced the utterly unscientific notion that evolution never happened (after all, it's only a theory).
Though the polls are informal, unscientific surveys, the results can be telling.
It is one of many effective weapons against the disease, but it is not being employed because of wholly unscientific claims.
According to experts, the reason the EPA has misrepresented dioxin's link to cancer lies in the agency's dogmatic and unscientific manner of reasoning.
A Web survey of almost 5,000 gay and lesbian Americans revealed these unscientific but intriguing stats on relationships
The book is a dispassionate examination of the organic pseudo-religion's odd origins, unscientific basis, and totally baseless health and environmental claims.
A TOTALLY unscientific survey of Sunday Mail readers today reveals that lads mags don't need to cover up.
Jones III struck down the Dover policy and, in a sweeping opinion, blasted ID as unscientific and a violation of church-state separation.