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Unscramble these gibberish words to form real words.
The Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Keoghs Solicitors to help companies unscramble the trickier aspects of work-related legislation.
Gareth was among those who took part in our recent competition to unscramble three words to find the name of a City star.
An unfortunate blunder, given that he speaks of a technique explicitly used to unscramble brain-washed cultists
Plus, the POD technology cannot unscramble programming while supporting electronic program guides and other essential television receiver functions.
Use the clues below to unscramble thewhitewater words.
To unscramble intercepted data, a snoop's computer must factor a large number into its two prime-number components.
When Alice receives the message, she uses her private key to unscramble it.
The audio data is held on the DVD disk, with the encryption keys needed to unscramble that data held on a sector of the disk that can be read by the drive.
A Birmingham company is being sued by the Premier League over the sale of unofficial smart cards that can unscramble satellite transmissions of top matches being beamed to the Continent.
Just unscramble the letters below which, when re-arranged, will reveal the name of a well-known Lambourn jumps trainer.
Using photos of "anonymous" individuals as indiscriminate clues, Samore constructed the appearance of a mystery, but there was really no mystery there - nothing to unscramble.