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Not dropping the parts avoids damage to highly polished part surfaces, allows parts to be ejected hotter, ensures that parts shrink against their mating surfaces, and eliminates need for unscramblers.
Lakso's full line includes slat-type tablet/capsule-counting and -filling machines, cottoners, conveyors, unscramblers, hoist feed units, on-line inspection stations and computer- monitored packaging lines.
Model RP-3 Unscramblers provide speed, precision and expandability.
Range of equipment includes bulk feeders, plastic container unscramblers, secondary orienters, parts sorters and feeders, as well as container closure equipment (cappers, retorquers, lidders, overcappers).
RP Unscramblers feature patented self-adjusting rotary pockets that gently pick up and cradle each plastic container and set them precisely in line.
Models range from small semi-automatic machines to fully automatic high-speed, six-color machines, including unscramblers, orienters, flame treaters, and uv-curing units.
Unscramblers are available with a maximum of 8, 15 or 20 rotary pockets arranged in carousel fashion for production speeds ranging from 40 to 400 containers per minute.
Also supplies a range of horizontal conveyors with PVC or wire-mesh belts, inclined belt conveyors in fixed and portable versions (one with hydraulic height adjustment), inclined and cleated sidewall conveyors for granular materials, live-roller conveyors, flat-top chain conveyors for bottles and containers, gravity conveyors (roller and skate-wheel types), stainless-steel belt and chain conveyors, and rotary accumulators and unscramblers.
Optional accessories include unscramblers, conventional and uv ink-curing systems, automatic loading and take-off systems, surface tension pretreatment and ionized static cleaning units, plus precision tooling/fixturing capabilities.