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Do they decode the message by following the shortest unscrambling path, or by following a more circuitous but equally effective route, as in the case of RNA editing.
Automated layer order-picking and the unscrambling of each layer into single items is not new, but its use has been severely limited due to the wide variety of products found in the distribution centre and the diverse range of packaging used by manufacturers.
Today Redknapp is staring down at the plaster round his broken ankle and Evans is busy unscrambling his planning for the new season.
But instead of unscrambling movies on HBO, this box decodes the Internet and feeds it into a computer at a far higher speed than ISDN can achieve.
The next major hurdle in unscrambling the mysteries of Alzheimer's Disease is uncovering the secrets of memory function," commented Dr.
A brand new Gateway PC Base Unit Intel Core 2 Duo Processor could be yours by simply collecting letters and unscrambling the phrase.
In Unscramble, players improve their foreign-language skills by unscrambling words to form a sentence.
Some testers liked the challenge of unscrambling common phrases; others complained Bird Brain didn't give them a second chance.
To support Cell Relay applications across T1 and E1 links, the MXT3020 provides cell delineation, Header Error Control (HEC) generation and checking, and cell payload scrambling and unscrambling.
Time Warner's previous policy, announced in July, 1995, provided that such programming be scrambled first and allowed customers to request unscrambling in writing.