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Decision support systems are shown to be especially effective when applied to routine tasks such as unscrambling words or finding the shortest distance between two points.
Centrifugal feeding, unscrambling, orientation and assembly equipment for parts and containers to be decorated and/or sent downstream for secondary finishing operations.
Activities such as the assembly and delivery of mixed pallets loads, layer order picking, automated de-palletising, unscrambling and ultra-fast sorting are just some of the challenges faced each day in the modern distribution centre.
Let's start with unscrambling what's called the Mac desktop.
Such schemes use two mathematically related "keys" -- one for encrypting a message as a scrambled string of bits, and a complementary key for unscrambling the encoded message.
A brand new PC could be yours by simply collecting letters and unscrambling the phrase.
In combination with the unscrambling table, layers are quickly and efficiently stripped and singlelined.
Today Redknapp is staring down at the plaster round his broken ankle and Evans is busy unscrambling his planning for the new season.
But instead of unscrambling movies on HBO, this box decodes the Internet and feeds it into a computer at a far higher speed than ISDN can achieve.