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Another find included a bright blue plastic suitcase, completely unscratched.
Such is the life of a financial or accounting executive; often denied the chance to have the term innovator, pioneer or even entrepreneur tied to their career, That's an itch that's often left unscratched for many.
They alighted at the Trinity Island ( on the northwestern coast of the peninsula) unscratched, but shivery and pulling their waterproof jackets closer, the young explorers got ready for the next seven days they were to spend in the South Pole.
How beautiful it is catching the light like that, all polished and unscratched, the perfect gleam of chrome and glass.
Imagine our amazement When, back in the kitchen, We found the enamel on that cabinet unscratched, Where just hours before A cross had been And something was now rescinded Or restored.
It is just a matter of time before the army emerges as the only organization that can stop the process, particularly given the fact that it sided with the public during the ousting of Mubarak and thereby survived the process relatively unscratched.
NCP leader Praful Patel, however, hailed Ajit Pawar for resigning, and said that his party is confident of coming unscratched in the probe since it is honest and not afraid of any investigation.
4, in the case of the unscratched sample, it was estimated by the equivalent circuit which composed the solution resistance ([R.
It hopped to Nebraska, where two statewide officeholders beat the stuffing out of each other while a lesser-known candidate favored by insurgents emerged unscratched.
The friend, who had fastened his seat belt while he was driving and chatting on his mobile, escaped almost unscratched, but Al Matroushi sustained very serious injuries including a fracture in the seventh cervical vertebra (C7), that left him paraplegic (paralysed from the waist down).
Readability emerges unscratched through the tangled wood of technical verbiage and technical jargon often unavoidable in a serious work like this.
The United States emerged, unscratched by war, a highly potent economic and military power and was searching for alliance partners, to curtail the Soviet influence in the Middle East and in the vicinity of the South Asian region.