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The dispensers also feature modified buttress unscrewed threads providing the widest possible torque window on filling lines.
The canister assembly should unscrew from the paintball gun in about three or four full turns; if you finish the fourth full turn and the canister is not unscrewed from the gun, stop immediately.
Michael Triggle, 20, and Simon Butlin, 18, unscrewed the camera as a drunken prank and ended up as prime candidates for You've Been Framed.
We unscrewed the back panel of the TV so we could get it flat on the desk; we just had the cable hooked to the paneling where the wires go in.
When unscrewed, the closure easily breaks the frangible bridges of the tamper band, retaining the upper half inside the closure, leaving the lower half of the band on the bottle-neck as clear evidence of opening.
TWO passionate strangers who had to be UNSCREWED from the loo of a Jumbo jet after an hour-long sex session were in hiding last night.
After each molding cycle is completed, the threaded steel inserts are unscrewed and reused in the next molding cycle.
The gun is unscrewed near the center where the round is inserted.
In so doing, the annular groove engages the projecting cocking piece so that the firing pin cannot move forward when the bolt shroud is unscrewed.
Sy Kalter, president of the Virus Reference Lab in San Antonio, Texas, remembers an incident at a southwest primate lab in which "a couple of hundred baboons had, over time, unscrewed their cages" and escaped.
Consonant with the working ethos of the design, they can be unscrewed and replaced as needed.