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Unscrewing molds are among the most complex of all injection molds, requiring considerable technical savvy to build and maintain.
Make sure the brass or nickel-plated canister valve is securely attached to the canister and rotates with the canister, instead of unscrewing from it.
The weapon is loaded by unscrewing the 1 1/2-inch barrel, where the round is inserted.
He employs fasteners that saws can cut through without breaking the blade, screws capable of unscrewing, and easily-removable modules of particle board.
I'd simply pull back on the vise grip against the considerable tension of the mainspring while unscrewing it from the bolt body.
Though the precise activities the robot's interchangeable, tool-bearing hands will tackle are classified, Eicker says they'll include unscrewing, ungluing, lifting apart and repackaging.
If you sense the nipple is turning when you're unscrewing the head, remove enough soil so you can hold the nipple with pliers or a pipe wrench.
SolidWorks also made it easy to troubleshoot design challenges, such as preventing users from completely unscrewing the focus knob or providing enough room for operators' fingers when changing microfilm spools.
STEPHEN HENDRY pulled off a dramatic victory in China yesterday after almost conceding by unscrewing his cue.
Intruder got into secure garden shed unscrewing locks.
Remove the headgear assembly by unscrewing the headgear nut.
The company's unscrewing device is said to ensure absolute consistency and precision of the stop positions of the rotating cores.