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5 percent for the 10th consecutive year-on-year fall as unseasonable weather in the month dampened demand for spring clothing.
Mr Clarkson, who works at vets Donaldson and Partners on Maple Street, Aspley, said the unseasonable outbreak was possibly a result of warm weather.
From a tourist in unseasonable clothing who survives a chilly mountain night by immersing herself in a hot spring, to a sixty-eight year old woman on a nude beach who meets the woman who stole her sweetheart forty years earlier, to a successful executive who can no longer see himself, and more, the stories weave personal foibles, slippery humor, and memorable moments.
While the memories of a sweltering summer are fresh and much of the Northeast is enjoying an unseasonable warm Fall, executives at Harvard Maintenance, Inc.
Due to unseasonable warmer weather of only 20AC, which caused fog and poor flying conditions, they have had to push back their start date, leaving them on a deadline to reach the North Pole by April 29.
More than 80 Russians braved gusts of unseasonable snow and Siberian winds to attend the Moscow launching of Russian-language editions of four MRA books in May.
In 1992, the El Nino's influence brought heavy, unseasonable rains months before the monsoon season began in July.
Peter Thorner, Ames' President and Chief Operating Officer, said, "May results were affected by unseasonable weather in the first part of the month and the timing of this year's Memorial Day advertising circular, which began this year on Memorial Day, which fell into fiscal June, rather than the Friday before Memorial Day as in the prior year.
This pattern occurs because transitory shocks to production that result from, for example, unseasonable weather or strikes can buffet the one-month diffusion index.
We leave the flaps open day and night to provide relief from the unseasonable seasonable heat.
RELAXED: Visitors to Crosby Beach soaking up the September sun Pictures: GAVIN TRAFFORD/ GAV280911 BUSY: Two-year-old Sam Dwyer enjoys building sandcastles while a couple prefer to relax in the unseasonable hot weather on the beach at Southport SUNNY: Ruby Leicester still needs a protective hat
The guide claims: "Menus are too similar, too unseasonable and too restricted in ambition.