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Additionally, due to the "aging phenomenon," unseasoned business is generally considered to be higher risk than seasoned business, and the influx of new exposures is by definition unseasoned.
Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won't taste good.
McCain's best hope was to give Americans reason to believe that Obama is a promising but unseasoned politician who might be ready to lead the country in four or eight years, but not while the country is fighting two wars and the economy is reeling.
As the loan books of UAE based banks continue to swell (averaging 40 per cent a year from 2005-2007), analysts believe the unseasoned nature of the books is causing asset quality numbers to look better than the underlying fundamentals may suggest.
The spire was twisted when unseasoned wood was used in its construction and 32 tons of lead tiles were put on top.
PARIS (Standard & Poor's)--In a report published on July 4, titled "Bank Industry Risk Analysis: Jordanian Banks Strengthen, Grow Fast, But Book Unseasoned Loans," Standard & Poor's Rating Services said that it considers the banking system in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (foreign currency BB/Stable/B, local currency BBB/Stable/A-3) to be much improved in recent years but still relatively high risk.
If the corner can read body language, tendencies, and peculiar alignments, he'll be able to exploit the unseasoned receiver.
If the stiff pepper mill played up over my unseasoned runny eggs, my pint of dark bitter more than made up - as you'd expect from a site that's been serving real ale since 1729.
WWPA also offers three other publications in Spanish--Lumber Storage, Unseasoned (Green) Lumber, and Notching and Boring Guide.
Kenis says the taste of unseasoned larvae is none too pleasing, and that even Zambians seem to like their caterpillars best when fried in palm oil and smothered in tomato sauce and onions.
The same porosity that allows seasoning can also make an unseasoned pan a real chore to clean.
In the first instance, the range will include a fresh, unseasoned chicken and a marinated version.