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Panek argues that each man's leap into the unseeable forever changed how people reason about areas that seem inherently counterintuitive.
They are not conventional critical studies of art works but rather pieces between fiction and criticism, where language attempts to follow closely the contours of colours, strokes, and lines and, in doing so, enters unexplored territories where the unimaginable, and therefore unseeable, makes brief appearances.
She is staring up, wandering among the pews and arches unaware of her path, but noting each detail, seeing the unseeable.
But Keats's descriptive strategies also bring the unseeable audience into Moneta's fane.
Need God have gone to such excess as this, to the extent of flesh-becoming, and becoming so insignificant, utterly unnoticed by emperors and kings, unseeable to armies and market magnates?
12] Using different filters, the wearer can augment normal vision and, by freezing images, see the previously unseeable, the lettering on moving automobile tires and the blades of a spinning propeller.
In this way, the composer offers an ironic comment upon the title -- which is his, not Whitman's -- and theme of the composition as a whole: "vast and well veil'd death" is for us the ultimate, unseeable "apparition.
were made from others and came from a far, unseeable place, a source
Herschel saw the sun, with its "openings, indentations, ridges, nodules and pores", as an object, naming its parts scientifically, thus setting himself against the historic view of the sun as an unknowable, unseeable, major planet.
The problems of visualisation were the catalyst for a symposium entitled Illustrating the Unseeable, which David Green and I hosted at the Dunedin School of Art in late 2009.
The poetry of Celan and the art of Bak serve as ideal examples of how the unspeakable and unseeable can powerfully become spoken and seen.
Mitchell once speculated, "Visual culture entails a meditation on blindness, the invisible, the unseen, the unseeable, and the overlooked"; that's the region into which Tools and Grammar ventures.