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Rather than exploiting the image of 'Umar II as a simple beneficiary of the association with earlier figures, Ibn 'Asakir arranges his portrayal such that two things are accomplished: 'Umar II is put on a par with the rashidiin and simultaneously the unseemliness of the early fitna characteristic of the rashidan era is mitigated by the association with the pious Umayyad.
Perhaps unseemliness per unit of government has not increased in the last half century, but the number and size of those units has increased by orders of magnitude, and the magnitude of unseemliness has increased along with them.
The sheer unseemliness of what is happening raises blood pressure as well as eyebrows.
vi, in a far better position for debate, can argue the seemliness of his loving faith to the kind girl who saved him and left her family for him, as well as the unseemliness of his father's prejudice against her; (34) Virolet's faith to Martia, not loving at all, stems from only a regretful sense of obligation, and his father, Pandulfo, is appalled with Martia only because he's wholeheartedly in Juliana's camp.
In the morning I realized he had been alluding to this book, which in keeping with the unseemliness of my profession, I had been writing all while he was ill and dying .
hint of unseemliness associated with the ballots at issue, then even a
But now that the game is public, we can't escape the unseemliness of the process.
To her, they suggested a certain unseemliness, but she did not treat them with hostility or embarrassment.
This is a bold move, and it is dependent upon Hickey's previously published argument that Rockwell was far from the stereotypical family-values real-art antidote to modern life, but was rather a stalwart advocate of the messy individuality and unseemliness that must be tolerated for a democratic society to function.
Perino has said that the president has asked not to be told who is giving or how much is given, which only underscores the unseemliness of a president raising secret cash.
There is an unseemliness in the way Clark makes the nuns' knowledge of the depth of slavery's deprivations a salutary part of their spirituality, insofar as they modeled their own mortifications of the flesh on the conditions they maintained for those whom they themselves enslaved.
When asked if the accusation against Kolbe was true, the purported victim denied any unseemliness, saying, as NBC paraphrased him, that "Kolbe was a gentleman and never acted in an improper fashion.