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And notwithstanding Machiavellian ploys by managers, consultants, gurus and celebrity lunatics to transform the workplace into a glorified clown academy where the staff is forced to perform unseemly dances, sing idiotic songs or engage in fulsome, politically correct rituals (conga lines indeed
Bertolt Brecht: Poetry And Prose is an anthology primarily of poetry, but also offering the prose works "Socrates Wounded" and "The Unseemly Old Lady" by Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956), which reveals his skill in the free-verse that he calls "rhymeless lyrics with irregular rhythm.
It's not even altogether clear what Moore is driving at in linking the Bushes to the bin Ladens: The latter family's far-reaching power and influence has been extensively documented, and the Saudis' post-September 11 security privileges, while unseemly and poorly executed, hardly constitute a treasonous breach of the public trust.
Said Devlin: "There is a risk of unseemly litigation between European firms or oversight bodies and the PCAOB.
Clifford had climaxed a distinguished career of public service both as a high official and as an advisor to presidents by embarrassing himself as the head of the First American Bankshares of Washington during a period of unseemly fiscal hanky-panky at that institution.
So the foolish and unseemly photos of two men kissing one another on the lips continued to appear in our newspapers throughout the first three months of the year, together with accounts that Americans vigorously oppose this perversion.
The Feast in the House of Levi is given more substantive treatment than many other works, and the author proposes a new interpretation of those details deemed to be extraneous and unseemly for a Last Supper by the Inquisitors; for example, the German soldiers drinking wine and holding bread could be seen to be "partaking in mass" (179).
Their decision to go public over an unseemly spat with Dundee over gate money was a crass misjudgment on their behalf.
If we exit now it looks like we're running away because of nuclear blackmail--a position of weakness that will only encourage more rogue behavior by such unseemly states as North Korea.
Spears, who made her debut as a wholesome bubblegum star with a penchant for flashing her belly button, is caught in the typical trap of fame acquired young: The qualities that made her accessible and popular as a teenage star may be precisely the ones choking her career as an adult, leaving her looking like an unseemly parody as she tries to become a grown-up recording artist.
Thus the viewer was forced to assume the embarrassing and unseemly role of the voyeur--impotent in the face of a tenuous equilibrium and possible tragedy.
We can now expect him to mount a vigorous campaign to keep prayer out of schools, at long last understanding that the restriction prevents unseemly squabbles among adherents to different faiths and that, far from hurting religion, the separation of church and state serves to protect it.