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What, then, is there to make of the universalist claim that positive results with unselected participants should be a straightforward matter given sufficient data?
He is among three players who had previously not been in action since December, after a mid-winter break - while captain Alastair Cook and his opening partner Ian Bell were unselected for the recent Twenty20 series here.
Health checks were defined as screening for more than one disease or risk factor in more than one organ system offered to a general population unselected for disease or risk factors.
Private companies and workplaces offering multiple screening tests to unselected adults are also acting outside the evidence.
We believe this is the first report of the magnitude of this problem in an unselected device clinic population," he says.
Unselected rival Micah Richards will have been watching and scratching his head.
Unselected standardized, anonymized data were taken from medical records of patients and documented until last visit or death.
THE RISING COST OF YOUR FINAL JOURNEY Typical cost of burying one adult in a new, unselected burial plot for residents in each local authority area: Local authority Exclusive right of burial Interment Memorial Total Cost Cardiff pounds 645 pounds 495 pounds 823.
The first episode of CD027 overruled the first episode of CD non-027; the first episode of CD non027 overruled the first episode of CD A and B; and the first episode of CD A and B overruled the first episode of unselected C.
4 In an unselected Danish population study, sensitization to nickel was found in 14.
Despite apologising several times Cassano remains unfavoured and unselected, while an arbitration panel is due to rule on the legality of the suspension.
Seven hopeful punters SCOOP6 Breakdown of tickets Tickets remaining After leg 1 49,639 After leg 2 12,190 After leg 3 828 After leg 4 122 After leg 5 7 After leg 6 0 remained after five legs, but Richard Hughes scuppered their chances after steering the unselected Fleeting Echo to victory at Newmarket in leg six.