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She clutches her hands together tightly and closes her eyes most of the way so that she looks blind; because she is so unself-conscious, you get to see someone in a deeply interior pose.
We also see her failing to confront the treatment of Jews in Germany, a particularly painful aspect of her career to contemplate, as the evidence shows that she was not free of the unself-conscious anti-Semitism of the old American upper class.
Dan also writes with an unself-conscious humility (what other kind is there?
Peckham's virtues are those of his generation: A profound immersion in European and American nineteenth-century culture in all of its aspects, an unself-conscious interdisciplinarity, a precise grasp of historical and biographical detail, and what can only be described as a critical sprezzatura--a critical virtuosity that allows Peckham to construct out of the music, literature, philosophy, painting, history, and biography a picture that is at once a broad panorama and a miniature of fine detail.
I am trying to arrive at that place where Black music already is; to arrive at that unself-conscious sense of collective oneness; that naturalness, that (even when anguished) grace.
It also depends on the pedagogical practices they will employ, in Elisa Seddon's words, to "translate" the discourses of the course for the students, or, as Jason Bardi suggested, to find ways to enable students to enact some of the initial moves of those discourses in an unself-conscious and invested way.
Having thus assimilated action and imitation, Davis elaborates the structure of action/imitation as exhibiting a fundamental doubleness or tension, which he characterizes in a number of ways, for instance, as unself-conscious versus self-conscious or as the actor's perspective versus the spectator's.
The lie is the story's implication that the events are unself-conscious and authentic, and that the journalist is an uninvolved observer whose presence and interest doesn't affect the newsmakers' behavior.
In describing the music of Jackie Greene, the band's record label DIG Music said, "Greene is strikingly unself-conscious in the way he envisions his time-out-of-mind place.
I started work at the right time because I was still a spontaneous, unself-conscious child.
That the film takes Monet's haystack paintings--or rather, photographic reproductions of them--as its subject only underscored that sentiment (but not, in the event, an unself-conscious sentimentality).
During a period as a construction worker in Barcelona he was struck by the beauty and neon colours of the builders' chalk lines, he would gaze at them in awe, fascinated by the unself-conscious application of colour.