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Throw into that a little bit of motherly emotion for good measure, and the film manages to be just the ride dope for the lovers of irreverent, unselfconscious and often pointless action films.
Synthesising vernacular wisdom with modernity in a direct and unselfconscious way, it exemplifies a resonant, contemporary African architecture
In the first scene, Firmin has just been imagining Laruelle's affair with his wife and specifically thinking of the man's penis as "that hideously elongated cucumiform bundle of blue nerves and gills below the steaming unselfconscious stomach [that] had sought its pleasure in his wife's body" [.
The overall effect is of an indie melange, as Mikel Jollett's unselfconscious lyrics provide a low-key narrative of our times.
It just never came out of her mouth, but she said it in the most unselfconscious way," recalls Hill, who is a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University.
My own experience in Hyde Park taught me that diverse populations can live together in unselfconscious harmony.
It is an atmosphere of unselfconscious Chinese tradition and taste, a world apart from the unwitting connoisseurs from the local takeaway.
The language in these poems is unpretentious, unselfconscious, childlike but elegant too, and accurate.
Fick's account of training, leadership, and combat is straightforward and unadorned, and he is refreshingly unselfconscious about his own baptism by fire.
The toddler stage, when kids are so full of unselfconscious spiritedness, is one of my favourite times.
as a funny, unselfconscious and well-fed man emulating John Belushi or Chris Farley, portraits of whom hang in his restaurant.
Next is the unfocused Jeep, who dances at Wal-Mart with an unselfconscious joy and follows her own inner music.