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It is necessary to stress the unselfconsciousness of these white modern subjects concerning their own cultural domain.
Most of his subsequent novels deal with international bohemia, and it is significant that they never captured their world with anything like the immediacy and the unselfconsciousness of Baldwin's Harlem novel.
Despite the charm and apparent unselfconsciousness of these portraits, by the mid 1880s, Renoir had become increasingly dissatisfied with the restrictions inherent in a practice that required fulfilling the expectations of a variety of sitters without compromising his artistic integrity.
Political correctness is always exceedingly bad news for poetry, because it tends to deprive the poet of this sort of unselfconsciousness.
Nothing is less appropriate to the unselfconsciousness of America's great cultural innovation than the high dudgeon it inspires in certain of its academic hangers-on.
Paul Mariani considers the emphasis on "the act of singing rather than the singer" as Hopkins' effort "to escape his own self-consciousness" ("Hopkins: Towards a Poetics of Unselfconsciousness," Renascence 50, no.