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Unserviceable parts for pacing items should also receive a higher priority for retrograde.
If an Exchange Pricing item is issued and a similar unserviceable item is not returned within the DDP, an additional obligation adjustment will be created and processed to charge the customer the difference between the standard price and the exchange price value.
As a result of high demand for these dynamic components, there was an extensive effort to get unserviceable but repairable units to overhaul and return them to the field as recapitalized parts.
Many problems discussed during the visit dealt with aging or unserviceable equipment, but the team also took interest in the training barriers in the Fleet Marine Force.
Boss Morton was withdrawn from the race as he arrived at the start wearing an unserviceable pair of blinkers.
As many as one-quarter of the containers are considered unserviceable for meeting the high standards for hauling ammunition.
It technically outlines the wear conditions at which wire rope must be discarded as unserviceable.
There were numerous other related and nonrelated electrical and mechanical problems that made it unfit, unserviceable, and unsafe," says Mitchell.
Reverse Logistics - enables manufacturers to take material back, send temporary or permanent replacements, put unserviceable equipment on stock and refurbish individually or in batch, as per the demand, while keeping track of the life-cycle history and status
Tenders are invited for Special Repairs/Replacement Of Outdoor Feeder Pillar Box, Unserviceable Lt Panel And Connected Works, Unserviceable Pcc Poles And Ug Cabling Of Doe Area And Outdoor Feeder Pillar Box , Unserviceable Lt Panel And Connected Works At Mil Stn Kota
TACOM LCMC says the HMMWV engine repair program is receiving unserviceable 6.