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In the face of import unsettlement during the First World War, paired with inflation during the 1930s, Mr Wiseman asked his two sons to set up a factory in England which could manufacture rolled gold frames.
I don't know what he sees - the grass is greener on the other side - the fans love him, the players love him so I don't see what the unsettlement is.
Through contact with the victim, the listener's empathy is thoroughly aroused, so that he or she becomes a "secondary witness" and lives through a "secondary trauma": "[b]eing responsive to the traumatic experience of others, notably of victims, implies not the appropriation of their experience but what I would call empathic unsettlement (LaCapra 2001: 41).
Former footballer Dwight Yorke said that United incoming manager David Moyes' first task after officially joining the job will be to persuade Rooney to stay on at the club despite the striker's unsettlement at the club and lucrative offers at his side.
If you lose these buildings it can cause unsettlement in the community where people have worked and lived around them and there is a disconnect.
At the same time, these carefully constructed and richly layered texts are also "ethical works" as Laura Beard asserts about boarding school texts in the United States, arguing with Rosi Braidotti that "ethics includes the acknowledgment of and compassion for pain, as well as the activity of working through it" (quoted in Beard 142); readers of residential school literature may even become attentive secondary witnesses of trauma, to borrow from Dominick LaCapra, opening themselves to "empathic unsettlement," which LaCapra terms "a desirable affective dimension of inquiry" (78).
Although less threatening than the home environments of the earlier novels, they contrast strikingly with the models of stable black domesticity the novel offers--a domesticity that in fact provides a source of resistance to the very unsettlement and dispossession that lynching practices attempted to enforce.
The UN Secretary General had advised resolution of the oldest Kashmir dispute having regard to the 'will' of the people of Jammu and Kashmir , the real affectees of the unsolved Kashmir and incessant woes sprouting forth from the prolonged unsettlement.
If, on the other hand, the reception context is sensitive to this sublime aspect of the event, the trauma may indeed cause an unsettlement within the reception context itself.
1 added: "In every transfer window there is unrest and unsettlement, but now we know what we've got and what we have to do to pull Blackburn to safety.
The play is, by all accounts, including our own, an experience of both recognition and alienation, high entertainment and deep unsettlement.
PAID He added: "These guys have been put through the mill in terms of investigations and unsettlement in their lives.