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But it delivers on the central, dystopian, Twilight-zoney unsettling situation that zoney unsettling situation that T Black Mirror has delivered in the past.
THE VERDICT A strange, beguiling and elegantly playful drama that follows mild-mannered English sound editor Gilderoy (Jones), who arrives in Italy to work on horror film The Equestrian Vortex, but finds the recreations of torture increasingly unsettling.
which aimed at unsettling peace in the Kingdom, said a source here Sunday.
SUNDERLAND manager Steve Bruce insists the Black Cats were not guilty of unsettling Lee Cattermole ahead of his pounds 6 million move from Wigan Athletic.
But Victoria Owen, who runs Tiny Talk baby-signing classes in Cardiff, believes it is just as unsettling for the mums themselves.
Cave of the Painter's Mind is refreshing, unsettling, and impossible to put down.
He thus makes invisible (or barely visible) the unsettling economics that were to dominate the seventeenth century" (31).
Iraq: The Story You'll Never Get From The Media" is a vivid, engaging, informative, exceptionally well written, and occasionally unsettling eyewitness account that deserves as wide an American readership as possible and adds descriptively insightful and strongly recommended information to the ongoing national debate currently underway about the war in Iraq.
On the morning of 9/11 from his Greenwich Village apartment, David Del Tredici could hear the sirens--and their unsettling sound opens his newest work, "Paul Revere's Ride.
From the first page, with its unsettling "greenish dead eye of the TV tube," straight through to the apocalyptic auctioneer on the last page ("Passerine spread his arms in a gesture that seemed to belong to the priesthood of some remote culture"), this slender volume hurtles along, deadly serious, totally hilarious, by turns sacred and profane, despairing and joyful, and completely resistant to easy interpretation.
The unsettling part is that frequently, the church I see depicted bears little resemblance to the congregation I belong to, or to what I think the Anglican church is.
HEARTS chairman George Foulkes has demanded Martin O'Neill be reprimanded by Celtic for unsettling Paul Hartley.