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There is no doubt it can be unsettling for a player and it looked like that with the way he played.
And unsettling because many of us will know people who live their lives just as she did - as a seemingly normal, functioning person who did not realise she was slipping into addiction.
Game - analysts believe a change at the top, at a time of challenge, could be unsettling
But Victoria Owen, who runs Tiny Talk baby-signing classes in Cardiff, believes it is just as unsettling for the mums themselves.
Cave of the Painter's Mind is refreshing, unsettling, and impossible to put down.
He thus makes invisible (or barely visible) the unsettling economics that were to dominate the seventeenth century" (31).
From the first page, with its unsettling "greenish dead eye of the TV tube," straight through to the apocalyptic auctioneer on the last page ("Passerine spread his arms in a gesture that seemed to belong to the priesthood of some remote culture"), this slender volume hurtles along, deadly serious, totally hilarious, by turns sacred and profane, despairing and joyful, and completely resistant to easy interpretation.
The unsettling part is that frequently, the church I see depicted bears little resemblance to the congregation I belong to, or to what I think the Anglican church is.
It is a shame and it is very unsettling because we are all wondering what is going to happen next.
If the nation's laws recognize that pregnant women whose unborn children are violently taken from them suffer a truly devastating loss, then that might raise those unsettling and unsettled questions about what, exactly, these women are losing.
I had chatted with Feld a week or so earlier, and he seemed his usual wary, nervy, witty, charming, prickly, unsettled, unsettling self.
But unsettling because both the praise and the laments offered by the members of the Koret Task Force seem strangely disconnected from (or at downright variance with) the national concerns that first gave rise to Risk, as well as from its intent and sometimes its actual words.