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Wyn Pencarreg's big, kindly Papageno found the humanity behind the gags, and Andrew Slater's unusually fallible Sarastro showed himself an unsettlingly plausible counterpart for Laure Meloy - a particularly sinister Queen of the Night.
Trying to untangle the intricacies of the education system in a foreign country is daunting, and for many expats, the Swiss way of doing things is unsettlingly different.
The problem in Hungary was that stock vulnerabilities in public debt were unsettlingly high.
And in a period when mainstream cinema is yielding so many unsettlingly nihilistic prod-ucts--Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) and Man of Steel (2013) being two especially notable examples--the spirit of humanism, compassion, and conscientiousness so integral to the films of Kaurismaki, Ozu, De Sica, Tati, and their counterparts is becoming an increasingly rare feature of the contemporary film landscape, accumulating even more therapeutic value as it grows scarcer.
As discussed above, conventional wisdom once favored viewing postconviction claims of innocence with practically insurmountable skepticism, until DNA science exposed the unsettlingly prevalent potential for wrongful conviction.
Gillian Anderson's sleuth and Jamie Dornan's killer, are unsettlingly similar in The Fall
More rarely, undercranking could create an unsettlingly unnatural, eerie effect, as was the case with Nosferatu (Murnau, 1922).
We piled out of our van and into the shack, where we changed into wetsuits and gathered around a circular metal hatch, which looked unsettlingly like the one that was central to the plot of the TV show Lost--even more so when it was opened.
You're an angel, a beacon of light," she wibbled to Jahmene, a squeaky marionette whose unsettlingly neat hairline lent him the appearance of one of those animated plastic dummies from Doctor Who.
But this is the horse no other can beat; and anyway, isn't Paris the place for those who find themselves - u nexpectedly, unsettlingly, unquestionably - even a little bit in love?
This voice, like that of a Cormac McCarthy narrator, remains unsettlingly steady as it reports cruel act after cruel act.
Last time I wrote about this, CAMRA's statement spoke of lobbying the Chancellor, holding meetings, submissions and briefings, which sounds unsettlingly vague, and getting 5,500 people contacting their MPs, which is good.