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2002) (distinguishing between severed and unsevered coal rights for purposes of regulatory takings analysis); Penn.
Delia is the victim of the removed sexual violence that, by a curious slippage of roles, in an ancestral-type, still unsevered, mother-daughter relationship, she had projected onto Amalia.
This relational discourse not only signifies the unsevered connection embedded in today's cross-strait dilemma faced by both Taiwan and China, but challenges the prevailing peace and security myths and the embedded zero-sum mentality of polarization in the dominant discourses astounded by both governments in the recent years.
But the girl also knew that this thread she had received from her mother, the unsevered umbilical cord, would lead her where she did not want to go, to the gate of the Realm of the Dead.
Modern devices include liveness detection (based on recognition of physiological activities serving as signs of life) to prevent usage of counterfeit fingerprints or fingerprints from dead body fingers (separated or unsevered ones).
But it's not just family loyalty that tells Cousin Vinny's trainer the partnership shouldn't be unsevered - Mullins jnr was an amateur when riding the horse to a decisive victory in the Festival Bumper 12 months ago.
The results of an animal flexor tendon repair study using TenoMend(TM) Collagen Tendon Wrap demonstrated the ease of implantation with the tendon's return to full range of motion comparable to normal unsevered tendons.
It muddles the distinction between severed and unsevered interests and invites only confusion and unworkable valuations.
263A-8(c)(1), real property includes land, unsevered natural products of land, buildings and inherently permanent structures.
Carter cites a letter from Jones to Maxwell Perkins, his original editor at Scribners, in which Jones writes that he hopes "to discover an unsevered thread that will run continuously through everything I write.
One court has gone so far as to consider unsevered timber personal property if the buyer of the real property intended to harvest the trees.
Johnson, however, was too busy trying to find an unsevered vein of his own.