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And by focusing on the scientific foundations for these well-known technologies, Science Unshackled makes a compelling case for continued support for research.
With a White House meeting, talks at athink-tank, and interviews with newspapers, Islamists unshackled by the ArabSpring are launching a new charm offensive to reassure a nervous Washington.
It is a rare thing to hear a councillor speak his mind, telling people what he honestly thinks, unshackled from political gagging.
A fourth inevitably followed nine minutes from full time and was almost a carbon copy of United's previous goal as the unshackled Wilkinson curled the ball past Butler into the left side of goal from the edge of the box with the home defence in disarray.
Childhood should be a magical time of youthful energy and vitality, unshackled by the burden of responsibility which comes with adulthood.
During a visit to China, US President Barack Obama on Monday pushed for an unshackled internet and expanded political freedoms.
The radical move would free up fishermen to catch as much fish as they want, unshackled from catch quotas but governed instead by an annual allowance of 'days at sea' for each vessel.
PARIS -- Lewis Hamilton s unshackled talent and world champion Kimi Raikkonen s ice cool demeanour are set to dominate Formula One this year and steer the sport away from the controversies of 2007 where the bulk of the championship s most daring manoeuvres took place off the track.
The Middle East, and Dubai specifically, is a pioneering place where creative freedom is unshackled.
Most of its growth in 2007 came from businesses in Morocco, where the financial sector is returning to health after BMCE and its rivals unshackled themselves from bad loans.
This is the new Wilkinson, unshackled by obsession, inspired by a more considered philosophy much of which he has taken from the study of Buddhism.
Those in charge of tackling crime need to be unshackled from their desks on a regular basis.